Rodop’s clients satisfaction and personal interest are our direct and exclusive objective. Our main focus is to provide the best service for clients goals achievement.

Banking and Finance Law

  • Consultancy services in Banking and Finance Law and in the operation, structure and organization of financial credit establishments
  • Capital Markets
  • International Trade Finance
  • Islamic Finance System

Contract Laws

  • Preparation of company’s contracts/agreements
  • Conducting a review of contracts and providing a legal opinion
  • Process management and client representation at the contract preparation/signing stage
  • The contract translations
  • Negotiations with parties

Competition Law

  • Merge and acquisitions, joint ventures
  • Competition Law counselling

Corporate Law

  • Holding general assembly meetings of companies
  • Carrying out capital increases and reductions
  • Providing consultancy under the capital market legislation
  • Preventing unfair competition and offering consultancy under consumer legislation
  • Establishment of liaison officers
  • Carrying out transactions related to shares and bonds
  • Performing due diligence

Data Protection Law

  • Providing legal support for the adjustment process according to regulations
  • Determining the liabilities of the companies
  • Providing legal consultancy for data processing, transfer of personal data, deletion, destruction, and anonymization of personal data, and data processor’s obligations.

Defence Law

  • Establishment of companies regarding with no: 5202 Law (Defence Security Law)
  • Determining the liabilities of the companies
  • Providing consultancy under the defence legislation
  • Permission of defence industry from Ministry of National Defence / Official Institutions

Energy and Mining Law

  • License applications and their amendments with regard to the energy market in Turkey
  • License applications and their amendments with regard to the mining market in Turkey
  • Establishment of companies in energy and mining market
  • Preparation of company’s draft contracts/agreements
  • Providing legal consultancy services according to Energy Market Regulatory Authority and Legislation
  • Providing legal consultancy services according to mining authorities

Enforcement and Bankruptcy Law

  • Carrying out execution and bankruptcy proceedings for the purpose of collecting receivables
  • Drafting protocols for debt liquidation negotiations and amicable agreements made between the debtor or creditor client and the other party
  • Resolving disputes arising from bank loan agreements

Information Law

  • Providing legal consultancy services to companies selling goods and services on online platform
  • Following and concluding violations arising via internet
  • Providing legal consultancy services for applications on e-commerce

Insurance Law

  • RODOPS represents domestic and global reinsurers and insurers in a broad range of regulatory and operational transactions
  • Representation of individuals
  • Providing legal insurance services with partner firms
  • Resolving disputes arising from insurance law with arbitration

Intellectual Property Law

  • Providing consultancy services regarding rights on trademarks, patents, industrial designs and utility models, as well as following litigations arising from disputes
  • Copyright protection and license agreements

International Trade Law

  • Providing consultancy regarding investment incentives to companies
  • Resolution of disputes arising from customs procedures
  • Preparing defences against actions that fall under the prevention of unfair competition in imports
  • Settlement of disputes related to the customs clearance, transportation, insurance and delivery of imported and exported goods.

Real Estate Law

  • Drafting purchase and sales agreements
  • Drafting rental contracts
  • Acquisition of real estate by foreigners
  • Management of construction projects legally

Start-up Law

  • Providing legal services to entrepreneurs regarding with establishment a company in Tech-Parks and information commercialization centers
  • Providing legal services to legal infrastructure of start-up
  • Legal services to compliance with Turkish legislation

Tax Law

  • Negotiations with state institutions
  • Providing consultancy under the Turkish and International Tax Law
  • Resolving disputes arising from tax penalties
  • Providing tax planning and advisory of taxes.

Maritime Law

  • Mortgage facility on ship
  • Evaluation, preparation and follow-up of maritime law contracts
  • Shipowner responsibilities
  • Seaman responsibilities
  • Collision and mooring disputes
  • Giving legal opinion on general average and shipper’s memorandum
  • Affreightment
  • Liability for damages resulting from violations and accidents

Foreigners Law

  • Counseling Services for Foreigners
  • Acquisition of Turkish citizenship
  • Purchasing real estate in Turkey
  • Opening the bank account in Turkey
  • Deport Decision Removal
  • Visa Violation Penalty
  • Residence permit
  • Work permit
  • turquois card

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Do you want to invest in Turkey?

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